Friday, March 27, 2009

Play The Wild Card

One of my favourite things to do is explore slightly less known products. I don't have any resentment against products that have gained popularity (like NARS Orgasm, for example, which I love), but there's something fun about finding new products. I tend to stick with well-known brands, and within that explore shades that aren't terribly popular.

Recently, I acquired one of Benefit's Full-Finish Lipsticks, called Wild Card. It's a beautiful, toned-down red that I first spotted on Temptalia and fell in love with instantly. I never really wear bright colours, and that includes lipstick shades. So, finding this more "everyday" red was quite a momentous occasion. I actually ordered it from, because I had a gift card and wanted to buy enough to get free shipping. Of course, I did legitimately want the shade -- I had tried it on multiple times at Sephora and had loved it every time.

It's a pretty ordinary red, but I like that it isn't particularly clown-like and works with my tan skin. It's $18, but the lipstick is pretty pigmented, so I don't think it's too expensive. It's about two and a half drugstore lipsticks, which for me is totally worth it.

The lipstick came in this cute little box. The girl on the front is "Betty," from the "Love Your Look" collection, which had different products for different levels of drama. This lipstick came with the most dramatic female, Betty.

Here's the lipstick container, which is just a regular old container but kind of cute in my opinion, and the open lipstick. How cute is the little quote on the back of the Betty picture?

Here's a swatch of the lipstick, along with the Sonia Kashuk brush I used to apply it to my hand and lips. Sorry about the strange lighting, I just wanted to find a picture that correctly captured the colour.

Finally, here's the lip swatch. I'm just getting started with pictures of myself, so bear with me...I know the lighting is pretty awful.

Anyway, I know this colour is kind of obscure (there is not a single review of this on Makeup Alley), but I would suggest getting it! I've got this pretty black lace dress that I plan to wear to an event soon (which I'll post pictures of), and this lipstick would look absolutely lovely with it.