Monday, December 8, 2008

Not Just A Wizard

Remember back when Emma Watson played a frizzy-haired, nerdy, wand-wielding know it all in the Harry Potter series? Oh wait...the movies aren't done yet. But still, it's hard to deny that dear Ms. Watson will forever be associated with the young teenage wizarding series. Recently, she has made herself known in the fashion world, attending numerous shows and displaying an outstanding array of Chanel frocks during the last press go-around for whatever the last Harry Potter movie released was.

Now, she's back on the map as fashion bloggers are all abuzz with her latest sartorial choice. At LA's "The Tale of Despereaux" premiere, Emma showed up clad in a gorgeous navy dress that was shockingly avant garde and yet still seemed totally wearable on her.

I don't know much about British fashion, but after checking out my usual red carpet sources, namely Red Carpet Fashion Awards and Catwalk Queen, I am thrilled to report that Emma Watson is wearing a design by William Tempest. Which, of course, begs the question...who is William Tempest?

Again, I don't know much about British fashion, especially the youthful parts of it, but from my limited research (check out this British Vogue blurb)Mr. Tempest is a recent finalist in the "Fashion Fringe" competition, which, to my knowledge, is a competition that fashion students enter in the hopes of showing their collection in a "Fashion Fringe" runway show at London Fashion Week. His name was pegged by fashion reporters even before he was chosen to be a finalist, which is a good sign for a young, budding designer. Before heading straight to his website, I browsed the Internet for his designs and found this one as a part of an article:

and these being sold at "nina lola," a shop selling independent designers with selected vintage pieces.

Emma's dress is here (and in my opinion she wears it much better than the model)

but if she had her pick of other William Tempest dresses, here are a few I'd suggest:

the feathers on this are pretty, but I'd be worried about the rounded shape being unflattering. Plus, the shade of blue is so vibrant and beautiful.

this is a great twist on fringe, but I'd be worried about the fringe looking a little hair-like.

the colour is a little sugarplum-fairy, but the pleating is pretty and the silhouette is very flattering. I'm torn as to whether she should wear tights like the model.

this is gorgeous. the colours are mildly reminiscent of missoni, but they're fun and exciting without being too cheesy or over-the-top.

I have to say, Emma really made a good choice...I think that she picked the best piece in his entire line, from Autumn/Winter 08 to Pre-Fall/Winter 09

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Etsy Finds, No. 8: Initial Necklaces

I suppose I may be late on this trend, but I can never seem to figure out when this trend is "in" or "out." Last I remember, everyone was going on about the name necklaces, a la Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex and the City, and then there was some minor buzz surrounding Lauren Conrad's name multi-finger ring...but as you all probably know by now, I'm more into the simple, small, and classic.

Enter Etsy. After wondering to myself where one would best find a simple initial necklace, I headed over to Etsy. I'm surprised it took me that long to figure it out...after all, initials are a semi-customized thing, so it would seem logical to go to a more custom place like Etsy. It turns out they have a fabulous array of initial necklaces, depending on whether you want a really flashy custom-made pendant with crystals, or just a simple initial on a chain. I opted for the latter, but I love it so much that I might broaden my range of initial jewelry.

I purchased this little initial necklace from you can tell by the picture the letter is quite small. Though the picture provides a real life comparison, I didn't realize how small the letter would be until I received it in the mail. I was worried it would be too small, but after putting it on I ended up really loving the size. It's sweet and subtle, and looks really classy. Plus, I can layer other necklaces if I want to. My next necklace would either be the second or fourth one pictured below.

You guys may not all be like me, so here are a few other initial necklace choices, brought to you by the wonderful world of Etsy.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Flat Fables

Old Navy was another store whose sale I could not resist; they were offering 20% off everything and free shipping, ironically similar to Bobbi Brown's sale. But 20% off and free shipping are both hard to come by with Old Navy, so I decided to make two purchases.

One of my great weaknesses is a cute pair of ballet flats. Even though I am a meager 5'2", flats have long been the subject of my great adoration. Flats that are fanciful and unique without being overly ostentatious will get me up at any hour of the day. Luckily, I didn't have to fight through any "doorbuster"-esque sales because of Old Navy's online offer. My purchases?

This pretty jersey may be a little short, but it's an easy thing to slip on and a cute alternative to the frequently seen elastic top jersey skirts.

This basic pair of black flats...I posted the green version as well, because I was considering getting those, but then settled on the black because I really need a basic pair.

This pair of beauteous grey flats...these weren't a necessity, but I really fell in love with them when I saw them. I love grey in general, and these flats are no exception. I was about to get these in black as well, but the flower just didn't stand out as much that way.

After the discount, the skirt was a little under $4.00 and the shoes were each $8.00, so...

8 +

A good deal, no?

Bobbi: Beauteous, not Boring

Being a devoted lover and general adorer of Bobbi Brown's simple and classic makeup, I was behooved to discover that her website was having a special 20% off event. This really redefined the word "rare," as Bobbi Brown essentially never holds sales. Actually, now that I think about it, Bobbi Brown, MAC, and NARS rarely (if ever) have sales...they also happen to be my three favourite makeup brands. In any case, though I was attempting to be bargainous in the midst of all the sales going on, I just couldn't help myself with the 20% discount and free shipping. So I ordered a Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner in Graphite Shimmer Ink. Thankfully I had the chance to swatch this on my skin earlier, so I wasn't just ordering blindly. Graphite Shimmer Ink is a beautiful shimmery grey colour that isn't black, but is dark enough to add definition even on tanner skin. You can smudge it for a smokey eye, use it as a base, or use it as a precise liner. I highly recommend it!

While ordering, I also was able to snag two free samples from Bobbi Brown. I was ordering relatively quickly, so I picked two samples from the ones available. I picked this little container of soothing face tonic

and this one-time use Extra SPF 25 Moisturizing Balm.

Upon second glance, I should have picked the Oil Control Lotion SPF 15

because it isn't labeled as one-time use and, like the Soothing Toner, comes in an adorable little glass container that can be re-used for travel or for storing small amounts of lotion/toner. The container of face tonic is just like in the picture; the bottle's height is about as tall as my pinkie.

If you're ordering something now, Bobbi Brown's thrown in a new option for a sample, which I personally adore. It's a miniature shimmer wash eyeshadow, which appears to be in a neutral champagne/copper colour called "Copper Penny." I adore all colours of this variety, so I really wish this was around when I ordered my gel liner.

Monday, December 1, 2008


What I would wear my beauteous cutout oxfords with...if I owned said beauteous cutout oxfords.

A pair of simple, sheer black tights to shield me from the cold.

A floaty, sweet lace dress that is so sheer it requires its own slip (nude, to be sure...white would look tacky and cream might be too sheer itself).

A coated linen blazer, putting me in the "hipster blazer-wearing folk" category without making me into some goth punk (not that I have anything against leather jackets and studs...just perhaps not with this look).

Oh, and Santa? If you happen to be listening, I'm a size extra small (for the white dress) and have size six feet.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Isn't She Glove-ly

One of the most popular gifts to give around the holidays is a cute pair of gloves or mittens. This is actually a popular gift that I give out, just because it's fun personalizing peoples' handwarmers in ways that fit their personality, but you know that a cute pair of gloves is an indispensable item. So, for those of you trying to find quick gifts for people, here are some glove-ly picks from Urban Outfitters.

Also, I have a lot of posts that I was going to do for November, but's about to be December. Sorry guys! I'll try and get them all up tonight.

Striped Crochet Convertible Glove, $14.99

Lady Button Gloves, $14.99

Rugby Striped Glove, $9.99

Promenade Attire, Part Four

The theme for today's post is classic black. Though I promised myself many years ago that I would not wear black, and do not plan to do so at this prom, I love perusing the simple, black styles that may not be the most daring but are always very slimming and classic.

This pretty Tadashi strapless dress has a classic and flattering sweetheart neckline. There isn't much to say about this dress; the flowy, simple style is very expected of evening gowns, but that doesn't mean it isn't a good choice. Though I don't like ankle-length gowns myself, because I'm somewhat of a shortie this would probably be floor-length.

This one-strap dress from Amsale Party has a little extra detail to move it away from typical black column dresses. The little flutter of chiffon on the shoulder makes this dress a little bit high fashion. I would suggest wearing one's hair up with this dress, which is unfortunate for me as I would much rather wear mine down.

Though this velvet gown from David Meister is not exactly black, I felt that it was close enough that it could be featured in this post. It reminds me of nail polish, the kind that looks black normally but then is revealed to be navy blue in direct sunlight. I love this gown; I remember seeing Beyonce in a black velvet sweetheart gown much like this one and loving the plain, classic style of the gown. This gown deserves a beautiful set of earrings and a classic up-do or pretty waves.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Cut it Out, Oxford!

While cutouts and oxford may not seem like they would be a good pair...

...perhaps one ought to reconsider?

I, for one, am in love. Perhaps I'll splash out on these instead of a new pair of boots...after all, these can be worn year-round and I can only wear boots when it's really cold outside.

Are U Talking Back?

A while back, I signed up for a service called It seemed a tad gimmicky, but I decided to take a leap, especially since the companies associated with it were tried-and-true (and because at the time, I was lusting after some particularly lovely American Eagle sweaters.

For those of you who haven't heard of it, it's an organization that is based on surveys. You sign up for an account and identify areas which you are interested in (fashion, shopping, etc.). Then, you receive e-mail alerts when surveys about your selected topics become "available," and give you the option of taking them. In return for taking these surveys, you receive points for your account, which later can be redeemed for prizes.

I initially signed up because I looked at the prize list. Towards the bottom was a $50 gift certificate to American Eagle (this was if you received something like 400 points). I joined the service, promising myself I wouldn't redeem my credits until I had earned enough to gain the gift certificate.

So here I am, with 242 credits, some of which will expire this coming May. My conclusion? This site may not be gimmicky, but they surely have no intention of giving you points beyond 300. Recently, every time I try to take a survey I am notified that the intended number of participants has been reached -- even if I just got the notification e-mail five minutes ago. But all is not lost. I plan to wait until May, and if I still have my 242 points, I'll redeem them for a subscription to Seventeen. Hardly a gimmick, in my opinion.

Project Revamp

Well, in case you hadn't noticed I've decided to give my blog a second makeover! I promise this will be the last one; I had the idea to start another blog but then I decided to merge the two into this one. Besides, this layout and theme allows me to deviate a little from being recessionably chic all the time.

I'm also considering a career in economics or business, so I felt that this title really represented me more.

In return for the confusion caused by this change, I'm going to be posting a huge amount of times today, so be sure to visit often!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Many, Many Thanks

I hope all of your Thanksgivings were filled with...

blotting papers, to keep you shine-free in every family photo

sweet floral scents, to help you survive the fifteen thousandth hug from that aunt whose name you can never remember

yummy holiday treats, both savory and sweet

and of course, a quality long-wear lipcolour that lasts you through every last bite of turkey and stuffing.

Happy Thanksgiving from Recessionably Chic!

More Heels, Pay Less

While I try and stray away from very obvious bargain spots in my coverage of "fashion for those with sensitive wallets", I decided to include Payless in this post for two reasons.

First, in terms of bargain shoes, Payless knows its (their?) stuff. Sure, they're not as durable as you can get, but I bought a pair of bargain Target flats and a pair of bargain Payless flats and the Payless ones outlasted the Target ones many, many years. I've worn boots from Payless for two years and they still look good. Perhaps it's because it's a specialty store, but whatever the reason, Payless provides sturdy shoes at good prices.

Second, they're having an awesome sale on heels. 'Tis the party season, and you're going to want a cute pair of dark heels to take you through your soirées. Then again, feel free to splash out on a pair of glitzy heels...I try to keep my interesting details up top, as party situations are generally not conducive to people looking at your feet.

These black suede T-straps also come in purple satin, but I think that the black shoes (which I've tried on) are incredibly comfortable for 4-inch heels and look far more expensive than the $22.99 that they are.

These studded heels, both $21.99, are trendy without being over-the-top. You could wear these to a party even when studs aren't in fashion, as they seem like small details. I love the pleating on the open-toe pump, but find that closed-toe pumps are more popular with me because I can wear them to a multitude of occasions (in a multitude of weather situations).

These pumps are a sweet way to go from office to party for only $22.99. The little plastic detail adds a little bit of detail, but is far from over-the-top. I love how at first glance, these pumps appear black, but actually are dark green. The heels on these are only 3.5", so they're better for situations where you may need to stand for long periods of time.

These adorable pumps, like the ones above, are $22.99 and have a 3.5" heel. I love love love the silk bow on the back of these, as it echoes many of the high-fashion trends of having bold details on shoes. Sadly, this is only available in very limited sizes, so if you want to get a pair of these I'd suggest checking the site pronto!

An added bonus to all of this? The second and third pairs of pumps are both from Abaeate for Payless, and the fourth and fifth pairs are from Lela Rose for Payless.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Gift Ideas, Part 1

For the girl to whom you only owe a small token of gratitude, a sweet pair of socks are fun, cozy, and cheap. The J. Crew argyle ones are a complete steal -- you might even want to get some for yourself!

J. Crew Argyle Knee-Highs, $6.99

Gap Soft Sherpa Socks, $6.99

For a closer friend that doesn't necessarily need a larger gift, try this beautiful headband or this gorgeous J. Crew cardigan. Though I usually try to not get people clothes, a cardigan is a pretty universal thing.

J. Crew Braided Metal Headband, $22.00

J. Crew Tartine Cardigan, $29.99

For someone special to you, a Coach wristlet is a budget-friendly way to share the holiday cheer. Pick a colour that you think your friend would truly love -- but don't forget to include a gift receipt in case she isn't a fan!

Coach Soho Leather Wristlet, $58

Coach Madison Leather Wristlet, $68