Sunday, November 30, 2008

Promenade Attire, Part Four

The theme for today's post is classic black. Though I promised myself many years ago that I would not wear black, and do not plan to do so at this prom, I love perusing the simple, black styles that may not be the most daring but are always very slimming and classic.

This pretty Tadashi strapless dress has a classic and flattering sweetheart neckline. There isn't much to say about this dress; the flowy, simple style is very expected of evening gowns, but that doesn't mean it isn't a good choice. Though I don't like ankle-length gowns myself, because I'm somewhat of a shortie this would probably be floor-length.

This one-strap dress from Amsale Party has a little extra detail to move it away from typical black column dresses. The little flutter of chiffon on the shoulder makes this dress a little bit high fashion. I would suggest wearing one's hair up with this dress, which is unfortunate for me as I would much rather wear mine down.

Though this velvet gown from David Meister is not exactly black, I felt that it was close enough that it could be featured in this post. It reminds me of nail polish, the kind that looks black normally but then is revealed to be navy blue in direct sunlight. I love this gown; I remember seeing Beyonce in a black velvet sweetheart gown much like this one and loving the plain, classic style of the gown. This gown deserves a beautiful set of earrings and a classic up-do or pretty waves.

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