Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A Work of Art

I recently had the chance to peruse Susie Bubble's coverage of the YSL exhibit in San Francisco, California. Though I love my winters, I really wish I was in San Fran right now! Her pictures looked gorgeous...and the exhibit itself is a wonderful tribute to the the Yves Saint Laurent legacy.

One of the pieces often associated with YSL, besides the ubiquitous Le Smoking suit, is the Mondrian dress. Or, I should say, dresses. Susie was able to get a gorgeous shot of the Mondrian dresses at the exhibit, much like this.

Saks has allowed us a slightly bargainous version that doesn't rip off the design but still evokes the same colourblocking idea, both from Cynthia Steffe.

This first dress is $158.90, and offers an alternative to those that want a muted version of Mondrian-style colourblocking. The nipped-in waist will slim down many figures, while the pleated skirt is a slight hint at the trendy pleated skirts of late.

The second dress is $159.90, and is a bit brighter but doesn't do as much with varied colour as a typical Mondrian piece. I love this one, personally, because of the colour scheme, but the blocking effect isn't as slimming as it could be. I do, however, really love the white "belt" detail, with the black buttons.

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