Saturday, November 8, 2008

Not So Little J

As far as our littlest Gossip Girl is concerned, there's been quite a buzz about her sartorial choices. First of all, Taylor Momsen's character Jenny is going through quite a fashion transformation of her own. I find it quite interesting to follow, with events like her "guerrilla fashion show" being completely mesmerizing, but I do think she needs to tone down the makeup a tad.

The main reason Taylor Momsen's been receiving so many comments about her fashion is cause she's only 15! And while it's amazing that a 15 year old gets to have an amazing experience like this at such a young age, it also probably sucks that she's quite a bit younger than her castmates. Granted, she's a gorgeous, old-looking 15-year-old, but I'd imagine that it stinks to be younger than everyone around you. Everyone keeps talking about how what she's wearing is "too mature" or that she should be wearing "more youthful" styles, but I can kind of see why she's dressing older for her age. She's always seen around with her castmates, and I know that I wouldn't want to be wearing floral sundresses when I'm surrounded by a bunch of hot young things dressed in fashion-forward, exposed outfits. She probably wants to look just as good as the people around her, and I completely don't blame her for that. So while I'm sure many moms would like to stick her in outfits like this one from Design History all the time...

...I'm sure T. Momsen would reserve that dress for a daytime lunch event, if that. If I were her stylist, I'd try for something like this dress from Dolce Vita:

It's cute and short, but the poufy hem isn't too slinky. Plus, I absolutely adore the colour. I don't know if Taylor's like Natalie in that she doesn't like asymmetric hemlines, but I happen to love them and I hope she does as well.

However, if even that is too youthful for Taylor (and I wouldn't blame her if she felt that way,) then I would suggest this Alexander Wang dress. I like the vest detail and think that it's really modern and hip. Plus, the outfit has enough rocker to satisfy our slightly punky Momsen.

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