Thursday, November 6, 2008

A Restful Ballerina

One of my favourite shops ever is Anthropologie. Personally, I'm all about little details, and a store like Anthropologie allows me to "indulge my craving," so to speak. Oftentimes, after perusing through Anthropologie, my mind is focused on three types of clothes: the DIY type, the lust-after type, and the great sale bargains type. Needless to say, the latter comes up once in a blue moon. However, with the economy in the state that it is, many retail stores, including Anthropologie, have been increasing their sales. So, I figured that I would show you a couple of Anthropologie's "bargain" pieces, in case you didn't catch them.

One of the places I like to look for unexpected but cheaper pieces is Anthropologie's loungewear section.

This tank is pretty simple, and I guess it could be DIY-ed, but I've found that bows tend to look really floppy when they're just sewn on tank tops. I actually really like this, and think it could be worn easily casually, or with a blazer. $19.95

This camisole may be a bit lingerie-like for some, but I actually think it's really great with a cardigan for a feminine and pretty look. It also works under a blazer for slightly less formal office situations. $19.95

This chemise could completely work as an ordinary dress, and I love the "waterfall" detailing down the front (also, I love that it's called Iguazu!). But since this is a chemise, if you're going to be out and possibly photographed, I'd suggest either flash testing this or wearing a slip underneath, as thin jersey can be pretty unforgiving in front of a camera. $39.95

I am always in love with Anthropologie's shoes, but they're always way out of my price range. This pair, which is $69.95, is a little steep but much cheaper than Anthropologie's usual offerings. These ballet flats are amazing...the buckle details are awesome...

...and check out that zipper! The only problem I've got with these flats is that their amazing details won't show when I wear jeans. And no, I'm not going to go Sienna Miller and wear the buckle detailing over my jeans.

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