Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Conservatively Cute

While perusing Saks Fifth Avenue's hugely extensive sales, I came upon this cute little jersey dress with twist detailing:

It's a pretty easy to swallow $91.20, especially from a big bucks store like Saks. What attracted me to it most was the gorgeous colour; I wore a jersey strapless dress in this colour to my homecoming, and I have found it to be exceedingly flattering to tanned skintones. It is also a nice take on a jersey dress; usually, dresses of this type tend to look like Forever 21 bargain bin finds that could deteriorate in two seconds. This dress, while it doesn't have structure, still has a definite shape that integrates a pretty twist detail without being floppy. If I had it, I would probably accessorize it using a silver story, with a killer pair of heels.

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