Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Fashion Meester

While many choose to focus on Blake Lively, I often find myself attracted to Leighton Meester's fashion choices. Recently, like Blake's they've taken somewhat of a negative turn, so I'm going to try my best to play stylist for Leighton and get her on the right track.

The theme for tonight is gold and black. My inspiration for this outfit and the center of it is this drop dead gorgeous Vera Wang top. Doesn't it look like it could be a Grecian sculpture or something? While I've usually equated Vera Wang with more classic styles, this piece is an example of how something can be both classic and fashionable.

I would pair this with a totally plain high-waisted black skirt. Unlike usual fashionistas, I wouldn't have Leighton tuck in this shirt, because that would completely ruin the structural way the fabric is draped. The reason I'd have her wear a high-waisted skirt is to make sure that the outfit looks almost like a dress. The left side (right to us looking at it) of the top is relatively high, so a high waisted skirt would ensure that no skin is shown.

As for shoes, I would deviate away from the traditional uberfierce-studded-huge platform-strappy-intense shoes and go for these gold studded Pedro Garcia pumps. The studs add some edge and make the shoe not a typical Louboutin (not that there's anything wrong with that, we just want something with more pizazz). But, the shoe isn't over-the-top, which directs all attention to the beautiful shirt.

I would then add this Bottega Veneta clutch in black. It's black, so it doesn't really draw much attention, but it's still unbelievably classy. The textured fabric keeps it interesting and deviates from a typical black clutch, but the gold clasp and black colour make it sync with the outfit.

As for jewelry, I'd go for a statement ring on one hand and a gold cuff on the other. Simple and stylish, but not too gaudy.

This Net-A-Porter styling shot is pretty similar to what I've got, so it will give you a vague idea of what the outfit would look like as a whole. Ironically, I picked out that clutch before I saw the picture (honest!), but the picture makes me love that choice even more. Just keep in mind that the shoes I picked are really different!

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