Sunday, November 23, 2008

Makes Me Blush

Though I do not consider myself to be "above" reality TV, I do find myself unhappy with the direction it is taking. Shows that have the potential to provide certain types of content sometimes go down the drain because of their sole focus on catfights and drama.

Blush, a Lifetime reality contest similar to Project Runway except with makeup artists, was a show I had heard about through the beauty blogger grapevine (because I kind of bridge the gap between fashion and beauty blogging), and while I didn't feel the need to catch the first episode on TV, I was able to watch the latest two episodes on Lifetime, as they are posted in their entirety online.

My thoughts? First of all, the entire thing is very clearly a gigantic promotion for Max Factor products. It's not like I'm that surprised, it's just sometimes humorous how obvious they get. Then again, Max Factor seems like a product that has some good stuff (mascara mascara mascara!!!) but just doesn't quite have the naming power that other brands have. Once upon a time it may have, and hopefully this show will, at the very least, bring Max Factor some exposure.

As for the show itself, it's for some and not for others. Personally, I watch reality TV shows like Project Runway for the great design and not for the designer catfights. For example, I loved Leanne to death on the last season, but cringed every time the producers played up the Leanne-Kenley battles. While I do enjoy limited sidetracking from the pure content of the show, I feel like the sideshows should be just that, sideshows. If designer drama was the basis of Project Runway, I'd have a hard time watching the show and, quite frankly, taking the designers seriously after the show was over.

This is the main problem with Blush. The contestants are such characters (this one guy named Maxi is a teensy bit unbearable) but you never really know whether it's editing, them trying to stay in the competition due to personalities, or just them. While I like watching the show in the background while doing something else (so I can tune in when they actually talk about makeup), it definitely isn't a must for me.

But, as always, TV is a very subjective thing...check out the episodes here!

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