Sunday, November 23, 2008

Gift Ideas, Part 1

For the girl to whom you only owe a small token of gratitude, a sweet pair of socks are fun, cozy, and cheap. The J. Crew argyle ones are a complete steal -- you might even want to get some for yourself!

J. Crew Argyle Knee-Highs, $6.99

Gap Soft Sherpa Socks, $6.99

For a closer friend that doesn't necessarily need a larger gift, try this beautiful headband or this gorgeous J. Crew cardigan. Though I usually try to not get people clothes, a cardigan is a pretty universal thing.

J. Crew Braided Metal Headband, $22.00

J. Crew Tartine Cardigan, $29.99

For someone special to you, a Coach wristlet is a budget-friendly way to share the holiday cheer. Pick a colour that you think your friend would truly love -- but don't forget to include a gift receipt in case she isn't a fan!

Coach Soho Leather Wristlet, $58

Coach Madison Leather Wristlet, $68

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vicsters said...

now i'm expecting something good for xmas!!!!