Saturday, November 8, 2008


No, no, this isn't a post about Blake Lively and her Blackberry. Remember, it's a fashion blog! This is about Blake and her Burberry.

A while back, at some event, Blake Lively arrived in a head-t0-toe Burberry ensemble, seen here. Needless to say, it wasn't her best night.

I'd imagine that she was "dressed" by Burberry, which might have entailed putting on some sort of pre-ordained ensemble. So at the very least, I would have suggested that she wear something of this sort:

I realize it's a tad blah, but at least it looks more polished than what she had on that night. She's a pretty girl, but somehow that outfit looked really earthy crossed with witchy...all gone wrong.

If she had the choice of what to wear, then I would pick an outfit that brought out her gorgeous features. I'd pick something clean-cut and effortless, just to give an easy-breezy vibe to her looks.

First, I would keep the booties that she wore, because those are just plain fierce. I'd also keep the black tights -- I'm guessing it was a bit chilly.

Then, I'd have the main focus of her outfit be this gorgeous bronze trench. I love the look of a simple trench with loose, cascading waves of hair. I would have her hair the way she usually wears it, as over-styled hair would look too uptight with this jacket.

In case she had to take off her coat, I'd put this simple black dress underneath. It may be a bit boring, but it's a little more reserved and would highlight her great figure. However, if I were her I'd just keep the coat on the entire night.

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