Thursday, November 27, 2008

More Heels, Pay Less

While I try and stray away from very obvious bargain spots in my coverage of "fashion for those with sensitive wallets", I decided to include Payless in this post for two reasons.

First, in terms of bargain shoes, Payless knows its (their?) stuff. Sure, they're not as durable as you can get, but I bought a pair of bargain Target flats and a pair of bargain Payless flats and the Payless ones outlasted the Target ones many, many years. I've worn boots from Payless for two years and they still look good. Perhaps it's because it's a specialty store, but whatever the reason, Payless provides sturdy shoes at good prices.

Second, they're having an awesome sale on heels. 'Tis the party season, and you're going to want a cute pair of dark heels to take you through your soirées. Then again, feel free to splash out on a pair of glitzy heels...I try to keep my interesting details up top, as party situations are generally not conducive to people looking at your feet.

These black suede T-straps also come in purple satin, but I think that the black shoes (which I've tried on) are incredibly comfortable for 4-inch heels and look far more expensive than the $22.99 that they are.

These studded heels, both $21.99, are trendy without being over-the-top. You could wear these to a party even when studs aren't in fashion, as they seem like small details. I love the pleating on the open-toe pump, but find that closed-toe pumps are more popular with me because I can wear them to a multitude of occasions (in a multitude of weather situations).

These pumps are a sweet way to go from office to party for only $22.99. The little plastic detail adds a little bit of detail, but is far from over-the-top. I love how at first glance, these pumps appear black, but actually are dark green. The heels on these are only 3.5", so they're better for situations where you may need to stand for long periods of time.

These adorable pumps, like the ones above, are $22.99 and have a 3.5" heel. I love love love the silk bow on the back of these, as it echoes many of the high-fashion trends of having bold details on shoes. Sadly, this is only available in very limited sizes, so if you want to get a pair of these I'd suggest checking the site pronto!

An added bonus to all of this? The second and third pairs of pumps are both from Abaeate for Payless, and the fourth and fifth pairs are from Lela Rose for Payless.

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