Monday, December 8, 2008

Not Just A Wizard

Remember back when Emma Watson played a frizzy-haired, nerdy, wand-wielding know it all in the Harry Potter series? Oh wait...the movies aren't done yet. But still, it's hard to deny that dear Ms. Watson will forever be associated with the young teenage wizarding series. Recently, she has made herself known in the fashion world, attending numerous shows and displaying an outstanding array of Chanel frocks during the last press go-around for whatever the last Harry Potter movie released was.

Now, she's back on the map as fashion bloggers are all abuzz with her latest sartorial choice. At LA's "The Tale of Despereaux" premiere, Emma showed up clad in a gorgeous navy dress that was shockingly avant garde and yet still seemed totally wearable on her.

I don't know much about British fashion, but after checking out my usual red carpet sources, namely Red Carpet Fashion Awards and Catwalk Queen, I am thrilled to report that Emma Watson is wearing a design by William Tempest. Which, of course, begs the question...who is William Tempest?

Again, I don't know much about British fashion, especially the youthful parts of it, but from my limited research (check out this British Vogue blurb)Mr. Tempest is a recent finalist in the "Fashion Fringe" competition, which, to my knowledge, is a competition that fashion students enter in the hopes of showing their collection in a "Fashion Fringe" runway show at London Fashion Week. His name was pegged by fashion reporters even before he was chosen to be a finalist, which is a good sign for a young, budding designer. Before heading straight to his website, I browsed the Internet for his designs and found this one as a part of an article:

and these being sold at "nina lola," a shop selling independent designers with selected vintage pieces.

Emma's dress is here (and in my opinion she wears it much better than the model)

but if she had her pick of other William Tempest dresses, here are a few I'd suggest:

the feathers on this are pretty, but I'd be worried about the rounded shape being unflattering. Plus, the shade of blue is so vibrant and beautiful.

this is a great twist on fringe, but I'd be worried about the fringe looking a little hair-like.

the colour is a little sugarplum-fairy, but the pleating is pretty and the silhouette is very flattering. I'm torn as to whether she should wear tights like the model.

this is gorgeous. the colours are mildly reminiscent of missoni, but they're fun and exciting without being too cheesy or over-the-top.

I have to say, Emma really made a good choice...I think that she picked the best piece in his entire line, from Autumn/Winter 08 to Pre-Fall/Winter 09

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