Saturday, December 6, 2008

Etsy Finds, No. 8: Initial Necklaces

I suppose I may be late on this trend, but I can never seem to figure out when this trend is "in" or "out." Last I remember, everyone was going on about the name necklaces, a la Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex and the City, and then there was some minor buzz surrounding Lauren Conrad's name multi-finger ring...but as you all probably know by now, I'm more into the simple, small, and classic.

Enter Etsy. After wondering to myself where one would best find a simple initial necklace, I headed over to Etsy. I'm surprised it took me that long to figure it out...after all, initials are a semi-customized thing, so it would seem logical to go to a more custom place like Etsy. It turns out they have a fabulous array of initial necklaces, depending on whether you want a really flashy custom-made pendant with crystals, or just a simple initial on a chain. I opted for the latter, but I love it so much that I might broaden my range of initial jewelry.

I purchased this little initial necklace from you can tell by the picture the letter is quite small. Though the picture provides a real life comparison, I didn't realize how small the letter would be until I received it in the mail. I was worried it would be too small, but after putting it on I ended up really loving the size. It's sweet and subtle, and looks really classy. Plus, I can layer other necklaces if I want to. My next necklace would either be the second or fourth one pictured below.

You guys may not all be like me, so here are a few other initial necklace choices, brought to you by the wonderful world of Etsy.

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Jessica said...

Thank you so much for including my Petite Initial Necklace on your lovely site. Also thank you for encouraging others to support handmade.