Saturday, October 18, 2008

By Francine

I was browsing through Maneater Threads' selection one day when I happened upon this gorgeous line called By Francine. I'd urge you all to check it out, as the pieces are relatively reasonably priced and it isn't a huge brand, so you won't have to worry about someone else wearing what you are.

The first thing that caught my eye was this pleated one-strap dress. Unfortunately, Maneater Threads is all sold out of this one. I suppose it isn't a surprise, because the dress is so gorgeous, but they still use it as the icon for their "Cocktail Dresses" section, which is why I was originally drawn to it.

But fear not! Maneater Threads still carries the skirt version of it, which is probably better for me as it has a lot more practical use. I could see this being worn to both an elegant soiree and a work day, depending on what the top is. Plus, it's on sale for only $199...but hurry, I checked it recently and it seems like the sizes seem to be going quickly!

This lace-sleeve dress isn't something I would wear, but it's definitely a dress that follows my personal aesthetic -- simple clothing with a little "oomph." I think it would be great for anyone that loved lace detailing, especially since it's in an unexpected place that's as far from "grandma" as possible.

This layered dress is definitely one of the more out-there pieces of the collection, but I love it anyway! It's perfect for someone that's looking to make an impact walking out, as the front of the dress is a simple grey. Personally, I think it's totally on-trend, and I love how it echoes both the stiff, structural trends as well as the soft, chiffon trends.

This black diamond-pleat top is another piece, like the skirt, that I think could be worn seamlessly to both a party and work. Of course, the layer underneath and the bottom would have to be changed, but in uncertain economic climates like these, it's often hard to find multi-purpose items. I love sheer clothes, but I feel like this is one of those things that would have to be worn first before buying, because of the impact a layer underneath could have.

This rose pink pleated dress is just absolutely gorgeous. I love dresses like these, that are simple but have a detail that makes people take a second glance. The peachy colour is fantastic, and the pleating pulls the body in and creates a slim silhouette. I think that this piece is something that Michelle Obama should consider, especially since she seems to favour short-sleeved dresses. Granted, it is a bit soft for her (as she tends to favour structured pieces), but she might want to give it a shot! Plus, it's on sale, and I'm sure that Mrs. Obama (like the rest of us) is lowering down on her wardrobe spending.


Lydia said...

Ooo I like the brown dress!

miss fred said...

I'm glad you do! You might want to wait a bit if you want to buy it, as that was one of the more expensive pieces there...