Saturday, October 18, 2008

Y + Y + Y

While browsing eluxury's extensive sale, I was able to find a new appreciation for Y-3, a sportswear line that I usually glazed over in my perennial quest for neutral, girlie basics. I'm really not into sportswear, and just grab the cheapest exercise clothes I can for track. Sometimes I'll grab a fun pair of neon shorts or something, but usually I don't get into coordinating my sportswear or wearing glammed-up sportswear on an everyday basis. Maybe the occasional cardigan with arm stripes, but nothing beyond.

This knit dress is kind of like a chic-ified sportswear look. Out of the three items here, this is my least favourite, but that's not to say I don't like it. I think that it's a really fun, mod take on a sheath, and it's almost like they took the adidas logo and glammed it up. I don't think I have the right look to pull it off, but this dress is perfect for sportswear lovers looking to branch out into more fanciful wear. One thing that I do like about this dress is the addition of a hood, which takes it from a simple spandex tennis-type dress to a cute, flirty sporty dress.

This red cardigan is a great way to be relaxed while also looking put together. I could see this with jeans and a tank for a casual day out, with sweatpants when hanging out with the girls at home, or even with a simple black tank dress for a relaxed cardigan alternative.

I am in love with these shoes. Now, keep in mind that I am totally anti sneakers. I love seeing my friends wear fun pairs of Converse with shorts and skirts, but somehow I've never really gotten into sneakers. I don't own a pair of Converse myself, and I've been debating whether to spend money on a pair (note that they're only about $40), but for some reason this $89 pair of sneakers really spoke to me. I love the colour and I love the shape. I could totally see myself wearing these on a casual day out with skinnies and a cardigan. Alas, like all other things in my life, it just wasn't meant to be...these shoes are out in size 6.

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