Sunday, January 25, 2009

A Glamorous Hollywood Life

So I'm slightly behind on my awards shows, and I'm going to deconstruct the Golden Globes fashion as I watch the SAG awards but I must say, for those who bemoaned the lack of glamour at the Golden Globes, the SAG awards might just be the answer to your prayers. From what I see, there's quite a bit of diversity in terms of dress styles, so we won't be stuck with a sea of nude gowns (but gorgeous nude gowns, I will say). Everybody seems to be pulling out all the stops tonight, which is funny because this is considered a less "high profile" event than the Golden Globes.

Before I get into this, some quick notes...from what I've seen so far (which isn't much), America Ferrera is looking beautiful in neutrals, Tina Fey is wearing a plain classic black dress, Kate Winslet is wearing a stunning cobalt blue dress similar to the Project Runway finale dress of Chloe Dao (with the back cutouts, you know?), and Angelina Jolie is looking slightly drab...but of course her gorgeous looks always stun us all. Anyway, now onto the long overdue Globes fashion. Here are my picks for best dressed and of course, my logic behind the choices:

Best Bombshell

I won't lie to you guys, when Drew Barrymore's face popped up on my TV screen I could barely recognize her with that huge hairdo. Yes, I will concur that the whole beehive/teased look was a bit much. But in photographs, it actually looks quite lovely. And whether or not you liked her hair, I thought her dress was gorgeous. It was a beautiful classic look done right, and I thought her version of a mermaid hem looked so much more ethereal than, say, Eva Longoria's. Her blatant promotion on the red carpet, however, was not so much to my liking.

Best Black

Just a few days ago I was worried that Evan von Teese...I mean, Evan Rachel Wood, was going to disappear under a pile of makeup. But ever since her split from Marilyn Manson, whose creepy "genius" never really seemed to click to me, she's been losing the pounds of makeup and looking lovelier and lovelier every day. This dress looks absolutely stunning on her, and the shimmer and tiers make up for the basic black. I think the form-fitted shape, coupled with the tiers, really show off her best features. Stay on this track, Evan!

Best Nude

Perhaps I'm a bit biased, because I can relate to Isla Fisher's petite stature, but I think she looked absolutely phenomenal. There were many women wearing nude coloured dresses tonight, and I think the subtle band of brown on Isla Fisher's dress was simple enough to keep her dress classic, but also interesting enough to make her stand apart from the crowd. I thought she looked simple and classic.

Best Risk-Taker

Though E! Online's Fashion Police may have described Maggie Gyllenhaal's dress as some sort of old granny gone wrong creatin, I actually thought it was a rather fantastic way to take a risk on the red carpet. Before looking closely at the dress, I really had no idea that it was a purple and blue leopard print. That concept could have gone oh so wrong, but I really think that in this case she got it totally right. The makeup was a bit much on camera, but the structural sleeve and black band make this dress fabulous.

Best Overlooked Attendee

I really have no idea why Melissa George isn't getting more attention. I adore her outfit. The slit with the black strap looks so crisp, clean, and modern, and the black structural detailing is fantastic. She, to me, looks like Nicole Kidman from afar, with that same sort of cold yet statuesque appearance, and her ice blue gown with modern detailing. I really wish the various fashion rating agencies would pay more attention to her (perhaps it's because she isn't a part of a film/movie that's been getting a lot of attention recently), because I thought she looked stunning.

Best Dressed

I thought January Jones just knocked it out of the park. Maybe it's my bias towards pleated frocks ever since Leanne Marshall won Project Runway (doesn't this look like a Leanimal creation?), but I thought that she carried this dress off beautifully. My one tiny qualm is that the dress could have been a bit less wrinkly, but honestly...the pleating, the modern style, the colour, the hair, and the makeup were all incredible.

By the way, I just spotted January Jones on the red carpet at the SAG awards and she looks pretty incredible...who knows, she might just win Best Dressed two awards shows in a row!

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