Saturday, January 24, 2009

Urban Living

Imagine Urban Outfitters crossed with Anthropologie...but vintage.

I present to you: The Urban Collection. The pieces are one of a kind, and the store boasts a layout and font setup similar to Urban Outfitters, while carrying pieces that have the unique quirk of Anthropologie. The pieces are actually significantly cheaper than Anthropologie, but only come in certain sizes so you may fall in love with a piece that isn't quite your size.

It was truly a challenge for me to narrow down my favourite pieces from this store to this many, and even this is a lot for a "featured" selection, so that just gives you a hint at the many glorious outfits there are for sale.

This jumpsuit grabbed my attention not because I personally believe I could pull it off, but because the girl in this picture just looks so effortlessly chic. This is someone who The Sartorialist would find it worthwhile to excellent compliment in my book. I have always looked upon jumpsuits dubiously, and this one might just have turned around my thoughts. $88

This dress has ruffles and a gorgeous, poppy colour. Poppy as pops...not as in the flower. Seriously though, is there more to say? Oh, and as proof that trends come and go, this supposedly channels an "80s" vibe but doesn't it look like something you'd find floating around modern racks? $43

This dress is like vintage Whitney Port, don't you think? The bright, punchy colours and mini length would perfectly compliment our favourite NYC trekker. $36

I could never, ever pull this off...but my goodness this dress is fierce. The poufy sleeves remind me a little too much of bad 80s fashion, but with the right accessories this could be a standout garment. $33

I got a kick out of this fake Chanel scarf...something about it seemed lovingly kitschy. Again, I'd never wear it but someone with the right outfit could completely pull this one off. Or hang it on your wall, for crying out's fake Chanel. $48

This blue sequined top is something I could see myself wearing with shorts, a skirt, skinny jeans...pretty much anything for a quick dose of glitz and glamour. Think of it as a tamer, more quirky take on the recent sequins/flapper trend. $66

A sweet light blue dress with gorgeous white lace appliques...I know it's not the most weather appropriate thing but isn't it just adorable? Maybe with a black cardigan and tights it would be a little bit less strange to wear in winter. This dress has a cutesy, little-girl vibe reminiscent of Zooey Deschanel. $77

I completely want this sailor dress...unfortunately it comes in S/M and while that would probably work okay for me my new year's resolution is to find clothes that actually fit and not just belt everything so I don't get lost in a sea of cloth. Those red zipper boots are pretty amazing as well...unfortunately those are sold out. $68

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