Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Zac's Meester

Remember Leighton Meester's beautiful body-skimming floral sheath done by one of her main men, Zac Posen?

Well, it seems that Zac is no longer as en vogue these days, as Marc Jacobs has taken his spot as goofy-young-quirky-American-male-designer. Though I have seen Zac Posen's name quite frequently, and his clothes continue to be beautiful, it seems as though he has passed through a glitter period that is sadly coming to a close. I'm quite disappointed, as I am sometimes disappointed with the things that Marc Jacobs does with the label power that he has. I know, it sounds crazy...but you know how lots of people say "well, if it's Marc Jacobs it's either really fantastic or absolutely awful..."? Imagine if "absolutely awful" wasn't quite as plentiful. See what I mean? In any case, I was able to locate Zac's (or should I say Leighton's?) lovely dress on Eluxury, which is (sadly) going out of business.

You can get it at Eluxury's sale section for a cool $779.

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