Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Splurge vs. Steal: Black and White

So, while browsing Nordstrom's post-anniversary-sale-sale-offerings, I came upon this wondrous piece of bandaged greyscale goodness:

But alas, even on sale it's $116.90. Definitely not budget-friendly. Thank goodness there's this alternative at Urban Outfitters!

Though the Urban dress is decidedly less formal, I love it to pieces. It's $48, and I'm kind of considering buying it...except for the simple little fact that I don't exactly have an occasion for it and I have a plethora of other dresses that I should probably wear before purchasing a new one. But isn't the print lovely! I'm even considering getting it in a -gasp- colour!

I know, I know, potentially picking the coloured one over the plain one is pretty life-changing. But it's just a possibility! I happen to like the colour combination in this particular dress.

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