Sunday, June 7, 2009

Don't Rain On My Parade

I love the rain more than anything, but today I was supposed to do two things: scout out a nearby art fair (which is actually quite an event) and attend a little garden party esque reception to celebrate my graduation (!!!). However, the forecast was gloomy showers and perhaps even a few bouts of lightning.

Thankfully, there were some showers this morning but it became sunny enough for me to have enough time to peruse the art fair nice and slowly. I was also able to attend the reception, though there was a large white tent set up, just in case the rain did return.

Here's what I wore!

The dress is an extremely old shirtdress from the shady sale section of my nearest Forever 21. It was a bit long on me, so I got it hemmed, but I accidentally asked for it to be too short. Today, I decided to wear an old Gap skirt underneath. I'm actually thinking of hemming the Gap skirt and taking the bottom and sewing it to this dress. Judging from this picture, it might not look half bad!

The skirt was a bit poufier than it looks in the picture, but that was probably just because I was wearing another skirt underneath it. I thought it looked a little Miu Miu-like, translated into daywear. Oh, and the belt is just a random thrift of the few that really cinches my waist well.

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