Sunday, August 23, 2009

Brown Is The New Black

In terms of makeup, I have my basics and my "extra oomph" products. Again, I don't own a whole pot of makeup but I still categorize my makeup into two groups. Granted, my makeup is unbelievably muted and totally neutral, so oomph doesn't mean like...a lime green eyeshadow or anything. A basic for me would be like my Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner in Zero (plain matte black), while a product with a little extra "oomph" would be like my Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner in Stash (an army green/antique gold shimmery colour). Like I said, pretty muted.

Naturally, a makeup brand that one might associate with my makeup style is Bobbi Brown, a brand that emphasizes, rather than distracts from, a woman's natural beauty. Because I usually get my basics from the drugstore, I don't usually bother buying things for the "natural" look from a high-end store. But to be honest, Ms. Brown has really been going above and beyond the call of duty with some of her new releases and I have to say, I'm in love. Unfortunately, I'm on vacation at the moment but you can be rest assured that the minute I reach home, I'm going to be swatching ASAP.

Notable Products:

1. I'm sure drugstore brands will start jumping on the chubby lip product crayon trend, but for now, Bobbi Brown seems to have her formula down pat. Her first release of these products was more like a matte lipstick, which the makeup public seemed to think emphasized lip flaws a little too much for their liking. From the looks of it, these lipsticks are glossy and juicy but also pigmented...and the pencil applicator is a godsend for my tiny lips. I'd love to try out the Dusty Nude colour, as it seems like a wearable, natural nude that doesn't move into dead lips territory.

2. Everyone and their mother has been talking about this liner, and for good reason. The Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner in Forest Shimmer Ink is a beautiful greenish-taupe-gold liner that a beautiful and yet subtle replacement for typical black liner. This would be a great "extra oomph" product, as it could be used not only for a liner but also a cream shadow, for a taupey green smokey eye. Once I swatch this one, it's going to be hard to resist.

3. The Metallic Collection is something I've been anticipating quite eagerly. I feel like Bobbi Brown would be able to do metallics my way, with satiny shimmer and maybe a bit of duochrome instead of large, obvious sparkles and obviously unnatural colours. Bobbi Brown's cream shadows come in a glorious-looking array of colours...honestly, Antique Gold is just screaming my name. In fact, antique gold anything in makeup is my major weakness, and since I don't really own anything in antique gold this might be my first splurge. We'll see.

All right, Bobbi Brown...I'm definitely warming up to your brand. Especially this new collection, feature the now released metallic cream eyeshadows that are meant to complement Rich Colour Glosses. Seriously? Metallic neutral eyeshadow with highly pigmented yet not glittery gloss? This is going to be a hard collection to resist.

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