Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hold It!

While I will most likely be making good use out of my trusty black Longchamp tote in college, I've been looking for an alternative for 1. those "in-case" scenarios, like when I overload my dear Longchamp and one of the handles braeks and 2. the inevitable time that I will need to trek a world's worth of books from one end of campus to another.

I decided to scour the website of LeSportsac, my previous obsession. I honestly used to stalk their website just to see what new prints had come out and what old ones had been discontinued. Now, their designs are a bit twee for me for, say, a large tote or a backpack, but I continue to love my cosmetic cases, pencil cases, and most definitely my little Fifi Lapin lunchbox by LeSportsac.

I really wish this LeSportsac "print" was turned into a backpack...because of the nature of the design, it's cheaper to produce it (because there are no pockets), and I think the more mod style of print would be acceptable for a college freshman.

Thankfully, I was able to locate this cute little backpack from Marc Jacobs' "Special Items" collection. It's only $17! I'm definitely going to head over to Bucktown (the residence of Chicago's own Marc Jacobs store) and get one for college. Maybe in a fun, punchy colour like green! Unfortunately I don't know if these are available online, but try eBay!

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