Saturday, August 1, 2009

In The Navy

I recently received a coupon in the mail for Gap's Give and Get Program. Now, I know the clothing at Old Navy/Gap/Banana Republic can at times seem a bit overpriced for the basics that they're offering, but they last a long time and often feature sweet little details that are overlooked in the same basics at, say, H&M. This coupon takes a hefty 30% off of any of my purchases, and while I've been satisfyingly lazy ever since I got this coupon in the mail, I'm seriously considering these items from Old Navy:

This is the kind of thing that I hope to be wearing in college. I can throw it over jeans and a tank and it looks pretty casual, but kind of in that effortlessly comfy-casual with a hint of style way. $10.99

I'm kind of obsessed with textural floral details, like the rosette designs that have been everywhere or these types of cutout designs. This tank would be great to wear under a cardigan with jeans for a typical college day as well. $7.99

This ruffle-neck cardigan is yet another college friendly piece, just because it's a simple thing I can throw on over anything, but yet it has a little bit of flair. $12.99

I already have a black jersey T-shirt dress, and it's so comfy and easy to accessorize that I find myself wearing it all the time, every season (it's great with tights for winter!). I think this slubby grey one would be another nice college basic, just because it's so easy to throw on but it kind of looks put together. $11.99

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