Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Warm It Up

I really, really, really want this eyeshadow palette...

(coastal scents warm palette)

...but because I don't wear much makeup to begin with, I probably won't end up getting it. I've decided that palettes really aren't for me, just because I don't use a lot of makeup that much. I'm pretty picky with my eyeshadow colours as well. Though, it is only $24.95...

Speaking of Coastal Scents, I've actually figured out my ideal eyeshadow situation, which hasn't started yet but that hopefully will soon if I've saved up some money.

Like I said, I'm pretty picky with eyeshadows. First of all, I only wear neutral eyeshadows. The closest I've come to colour is a navy blue eyeliner. I don't know...I mean, my wardrobe is so neutral that one can hardly expect me to be daring on my eyelids. I also don't do glitter. Subtle satiny shimmer, sure. Matte? Sure. But no glitter. So I figured...custom shadows palettes are the way to go. I plan to purchase a MAC 15-pan eyeshadow palette and fill it with eyeshadows from the Coastal Scents Hot Pots collection, at only around $5 a pop (as opposed to MAC's $11). Obviously if there's a really special MAC colour, I can purchase it for the palette as well. But even before I get to the hot pots, I think I might buy a NYX 5-shadow palette or two and depot those, because those are 5 shadows for $9.

Clearly, I think a lot about neutral shadows. But I'm going to wait around for a while, because I've been doing totally fine with the very, very little makeup that I own and use currently. I promise I'll post about my own makeup soon!

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