Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tory Goes To College

I'd like to apologize in advance for the numerous posts whose topic has to do with college. I realize that college students (or soon-to-be college students) are not the only people in the world, it's just that my current mixture of excitement and anxiety about college has all but taken over my brain.

Anyway, so as you may or may not know, my current college bag of choice is a classic black Longchamp tote. It's clean, it's roomy, it can handle wear and tear, and it's fashionable. When I bought it, I was a little concerned about the idea of owning the same bag as almost every other college-bound tote-carrying student in the world, but I eventually got over it even though about 30% of my high school owns that bag.

If you're more paranoid than I and want a cute, trendy college bag that doesn't look like everyone else's, I'd encourage you to visit CUSP and browse through their selection of Tory Burch bags on sale. I was able to locate three which I thought weren't too obnoxiously logo-ed, unlike some of the things that Ms. Burch produces nowadays.

Canvas Tote, $177

Isa Tote, $146

Large Book Tote, $123

If I was a little preppier, I would totally carry around that first one. I like that it still has a little logo nameplate, but that it isn't as loud or obvious as, say, the large "T" metal plate on the last bag. But to each his or her own, I suppose.

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