Friday, May 22, 2009

Dita in Jean

Okay, so I have a confession...I have been in love with the Jean Paul Gaultier Spring 2009 Couture collection ever since it came out. Like, serious love. I mean, all the collections were beautiful but the Jean Paul Gaultier collection was just like a series of art pieces. And, to top it all off, black and white were mainstays in the collection. Honestly? He must have been going after my heart.

Actually, because I love the collection so much, I'm going to share pictures even though the collection itself is terribly old.

First, the makeup was impeccable. This is just one example of how the models almost looked like they were in a painting.

And the clothing was so artistic...perhaps not that wearable but beautiful to look at.

Anyway, so the reason I wanted to mention that is because I was reminded of my love for this collection by a stunning picture of Dita von Teese from the amFAR against AIDS benefit. She's wearing a dress from the collection that I thought was amazing.

Looking at this shot, the dress seems pretty hard to wear. I mean, for one's sheer. But even after that, the dress itself is very sculptural and might not have translated well to the red carpet. But then, Dita von Teese wore this to amFAR and looked amazing. I am so happy I got to see this...and honestly, I'm kind of happy she kept the sheer skirt. Somehow it wouldn't have looked the same with a lining, though I'm sure many will complain about her indecency.

Dita, I love you.

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