Saturday, May 23, 2009

The New Nude

When I was little, I used to claim my favourite colour was "clear." That's when I knew that bright colours were really not my thing. But recently, the hottest colour to wear is "nude," until you think really hard about it and realize that nude can technically be anything from the palest white to the deepest ebony.

I suppose that in fashion terms, nude is a colour that's a little bit tanner than your typical caucasian. I, personally, am absolutely dying for a pair of nude pumps, because their leg-lengthening abilities are quite extraordinary. It seems as though the Cannes folk have caught on to this trend as well. I really like how this colour translates to a cocktail dress + pumps ensemble, as shown below by Penelope Cruz and Myleene Klass (who is apparently a popular TV presenter in the UK).

In their cases, the "nude" shade is just a touch lighter than their own skintone, which I think makes for a beautiful look. I actually like it better than white, because it's less stark. Also, I think the fact that they both accessorized with nude pumps is really makes for a lovely, pulled together look that has a hint of trend to it.

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