Friday, September 12, 2008

All About The Posie

I had the lucky opportunity to pass by a Benefit counter recently, and I got kind of a "five-minute-face" sort of thing done. I was just walking by, hoping to experiment with a couple of their new products, and a really sweet girl working there invited me to sit down. I had to leave in about twenty minutes, and I didn't want to get caught having to wiggle my way out of buying something at the last minute (since I just wanted to browse). I ended up giving in, and Deanne, the lady that invited me to sit down, turned out to be really sweet! She wasn't pushy at all about getting me to buy something, and she pleasantly chatted about life and school and whatnot while doing my makeup. Plus, it didn't hurt that she thought I was in college (I'm a senior in high school...usually mistaken for a sophomore or younger).

Anyway, she didn't use that many products on me (I wish I had asked her to use gilded!!) but the ones she used helped to create a pretty everyday face.

First, she put on That Gal primer. It wasn't that bad or anything, it was just a simple, light pink lotion-like thing. It made me "glow" a little bit, but I don't think that it's worth $28 (even though the applicator's pretty nifty.

Then, she put on Erase Paste in Dark. I was really excited to try out this concealer, since dark circles under my eyes is something I've had to deal with for ages and ages. I'm not so sure about Erase Paste for me, just because by the end of the day it settled into the lines under my eye. However, it did provide really good coverage and it blended it pretty nicely. I might purchase this from the counter and test it out for a few days, as long as I'm allowed to return it...especially since it's $26.

On my eyes, she used Eye Bright right under my eyebrows. I don't really do much in the way of brow things, whether it's filling them in, using brow gel, or highlighting underneath. But now, I think I'm definitely going to start thinking about them more. Just brushing the light-coloured pencil under my brows was enough to add a little extra pop to my face without looking like I was wearing makeup (always a plus!). I'm not a huge fan of Benefit's pen itself, because it looked a tad chalky and it's $20, but I'm going to start thinking about my eyebrows a lot more now.

Finally, she told me that I needed a bit of pop to my cheeks. In her typical adorable style, she claimed she was "all about the posie" and put a pretty liberal amount of Posietint on my cheeks. At that point, it's probably best that I didn't have enough money to purchase Posietint with me, because I probably would have. Even though it looks like a crazy hot pink in the bottle, the colour is actually pretty flattering on, even when you apply a lot. I'm pretty sure this is universally flattering, though I wouldn't actualy be able to tell you if it was. If you absolutely love love love the tone and texture of Posietint, I'd advise buying it. Even though it's $28 for a liquid blush, it's a pretty large container of liquid blush. Plus, you can dab it on your lips if they're looking a little sallow, though I would suggest using it primarily as a liquid blush. The staying power is pretty good as well, so if you're the kind of person that would just use Posietint in a flash every day, I would definitely recommend it!

Unfortunately for me, I switch products all the time. I don't even have a steady foundation or concealer that I use! So, the idea of paying a lot for a large amount of product doesn't really fit my makeup lifestyle.

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