Wednesday, September 10, 2008

American Schooling

So with the return of school, I've decided to try and go back to some pretty normal basics. Because I don't have too much time to style myself before school, and because I don't always have time to pick out a fabulous outfit (and because I'm on a tight high school budget!), I try to stick with really simple basic pieces and pepper in a few things with a bit of pizzazz. So, I decided to check out American Apparel to see if I could find a few things to catch my eye.

I myself don't own too many T-shirts, as the ones I do own tend to be "themed" T-shirts (from teams or clubs or camps or whatever) and thus far too large for my petite body. However, I've sort of bought into the whole voluminous-top-tight-pants look, and so I've been on the hunt for some stylishly loose t-shirts to wear with skinny jeans. There's an ombre one, which hints at some recent ombre trends on the runway, as well as a letter one which adds sort of a quirky academic feel...perfect for school.

You can always count on a sweatshirt to look perfectly relaxed for school. My style is a little more straightlaced, but I love a comfy sweatshirt and I'd love to stray away from my typical stash of college sweatshirts. The sweatshirt-dress-thing could be worn with tights and flats for a relaxed-quirky-cool look, or with skinny jeans and a scarf for a dressed up-sweats look. The offshoulder sweatshirt may look a little cheesy, but a new friend of mine always shows up to school wearing these really relaxed, off-shoulder sweatshirts with tank tops and I've started to love the look a little more.

Finally, for the coming winter months I'm predicting a return of the tight. Perhaps it won't hit quite as hard as it did last year, but it'll still be a really popular way for people to recycle their more summery outfits for winter use. Thigh-highs are a great way to avoid the "control-top" look that most tights offer. Plus, even though the split-colour tights are pretty over the top, how cool would those look with a plain black t-shirt dress??

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