Saturday, September 27, 2008

A Gap at Bryant Park

So while browsing Gap's wondrous sale section, which is an additional 20% off this weekend (score!), I found a couple of pieces that astounded me with little details that made them seem so much more expensive than they were. I've found that Gap has steadily been losing its glow, which I've found to be quite saddening. Back in the day, I always found them to be the steady supplier of basics, but now with more "el cheapo" stores selling basics at a much cheaper price, Gap hasn't really had much to differentiate itself. I love their newest ad campaigns, featuring unconventional yet moving trendsters (The Sartorialist and Karlie Kloss, anyone?), but I feel as though their cries have not been heard by the many consumers out there.

These pieces have given me new hope...if I were the manager of Gap, I would take the fashion a bit more in the direction of these lovely little articles of clothing. They're not totally basic, but they have a little bit of edge, whether in a detail or a cut, that makes them look completely fashion forward. I'm not saying that Gap should pull an Anthropologie and make all of its pieces ultra-detailed and thus ultra-expensive, I'm just saying that they should bridge the gap (no pun intended :) ) between super basics and ultra detailed fashion forward boutique pieces.

This blouse is a perfect example of what I was talking's quite basic and sort of non-offensive, but that gorgeous neck detail makes it seem as though it's much more expensive. Plus, it's a great way to legitimize the price, as many stores like Forever 21 and even Gap's own younger sib Old Navy sell gear that is similar to Gap's but lower in price. ($34.99)

This jacket represents another direction that Gap could go. This piece is a little more tricky, just because it's not a universal trend. I think that this slouchy shape would be perfect for some, and represents the slightly trendier but not overly so way that Gap should go in terms of its looks. However, I do think that Gap should stick to its guns in terms of trench coats and peacoats and other classic outerwear. Just make them look less mumsy, please! ($44.99)

This clutch is something pretty basic, but that represents more of what Gap should be attempting to do with its accessories. It's unassuming, but the studs are reminiscent of pretty recent trends -- enough so to attract buyers, especially buyers that are looking for something that won't go out of style the next day, but something that doesn't look completely dated or boring. ($19.99)

This skirt is exactly the direction that Gap should be taking with its clothes. Structured silhouettes are pretty "in" these days, but this interpretation of that silhouette is much more classic, as is the fabric. The skirt isn't terribly high-waisted, but could be interpreted in that sense, for those that want to be trendier. But I could see a much more classic person wearing this in a business setting as well. ($36.99)


yummy411 said...

i wish forth & towne still existed =( great work wear for the stylish, sophisticated lady that you just can't get from preppy chic Gap

miss fred said...

Forth and towne? Hmm, I've never heard of that. It has a cute name though :) But I remember Gap once being the pinnacle of pretty basics...whatever happened to that??