Sunday, September 7, 2008

Back to School from Gap

Hey guys, so since my school begins tomorrow, I thought I'd do a post about school-ready wear, brought to you by the ever-so-lovely members of the Gap family.

Starting with the mature and style-conscious high schooler, Banana Republic, we have two pieces that are great for injecting a lot of style with very little effort. There's a silk scarf, that's $26.99, which can easily be tied onto a cute tote or worn around your neck/in your hair for some extra flavour. Even if you're just wearing a black tee and skinny jeans, tying this around your neck will add some pizzazz. Then, there's a really easy-breezy shirtdress in an eye-catching yet still subtle shade of purple that's $24.99. T-shirt dresses are one of my favourite things to lean back on during the school year, when I want to look put-together but not too overstyled. Plus, this one's got a waist tie, which makes sure that you don't look like you're just wearing a purple shapeless sack.

From the stable-minded middle schooler, Gap, we've got a really simple, cute twill tote in a very neutral-chic shade of taupe that's $45.00. I love that the bag has tote handles and a shoulder handle, as each style gives off a different vibe. Plus, it's roomy enough to hold all your books and pencils and whatnot. Then, there's a more edgy tote from the (Product) Red line that's $20.00. This one definitely adds style to your outfit, but I would suggest this for people that are generally pretty laid-back with what they wear to school, as it might contrast weirdly with, say, a button-up cardigan and a pleated skirt.

From the fun-loving lower schooler, Old Navy, there's a really simple shoulder bag that's perfect for people on a budget. It's only $8.99, but it's roomy enough to hold all of your books and stylish enough to take you through the school year looking good. Plus, it comes in two gorgeous jewel-toned colours that aren't neutral but that still go with essentially everything.

Finally, from the newest little baby, Piperlime, we have a pair of fun pink Converse for $40.00. These are great for pulling on when you're having a sweatshirt-and-jeans moment, or for adding extra pop to an outfit. The cute pink colour makes sure that you stand out, as Converse shoes are fairly popular among the schoolgoing crowd.

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Denise said...

Yay!! Gap provides awesome selection of dresses, bags and shoes...