Saturday, September 13, 2008


Just to set the scene for this handy little tidbit, I have a new plan for purchasing MAC shadows. I'm going to try as much as possible to head down to my nearest MAC freestanding store, even though it's farther away, because they sell pan shadows. I'm going to try and scout out some MAC shadows that could work as blushes too, so I can put them in a four-shadow palette with three other shadows for on-the-go makeup.

One of my first candidates for a blush came from my recent visit to my local Benefit counter. The lovely lady introduced me to Posietint, a lovely pink liquid blush.

For those of you looking for a MAC equivalent to that lovely cool-but-still-ok-for-warm-tones blush, try Sushi Flower. It's a beautiful pink blush that still has an element of strength to it. I love that just like Posietint, it can be sheered out for a universally flattering blush or put on liberally to make your cheeks the center stage. Just to warn you though, the online swatch is really not that accurate.

I found the concept of Posietint, however, to be more like MAC's Cream Colour Base in Virgin Isle. I swear by this, as it is a perfect liquid-but-not-runny blush for everyday. However, in the container, Virgin Isle is an incredibly scary pink colour and Posietint is this Pepto-Bismol hot pink tone. But both of these blushes translate beautifully and subtly to a gorgeous cheek.

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