Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Zimmerman Telegram

These days I keep seeing young teenage stars popping up at various events, some clad more...pleasantly...than others. While browsing Shopbop, I came across two dresses from Zimmerman that would be perfect for a young star at a casual event. Usually, the teenage wonders do fairly well on more formal occasions, since they can just throw on a cute cocktail dress, but when it moves into the realm of casual affairs, then things can go haywire.

Each dress is $350, well within the realm of a wealthy young star. This strapless, poufy shape is very "in," but the structure, studded detail, and print (on the first one) help set these dresses apart from the crowd. They should be paired with simple, unobstrusive heels just like the ones in the promotional photos.


The University Princess said...

Second dress = win, but a little too showy. =/

miss fred said...

Really? I actually was more partial to the first dress, myself.

And yeah, they're a bit showy for the teen start type :) But at least the poufy skirt isn't body-hugging, unlike a lot of the Herve Leger outfits people have been pulling out these days...I find that these are more flirty than overtly sexy, personally.