Monday, September 1, 2008

A Beautiful Coach

I have recently taken to exploring beauty section of unexpected places...first Urban Outfitters, and now Coach. Coach has always been a wonderful place for bags, and I've often found myself either vigorously drawn to their styles (classic leather with lovely details) or vehemently opposed to their styles (any sort of repeated "C" print, especially when it's in different colours). Coach's beauty section is a tad bit lackluster, but I definitely do not blame them for cashing in on their name in the beauty market. I was going to give these products a try, but I swung by the Coach store on Michigan Avenue and sadly there were none that I saw. However, I'm not too disappointed; I really don't think I'm going to be grabbing any of these items anytime soon, as their allure comes more from their branded packaging than anything else.

First, there's the token "Coach scent." The site claims that this scent is "A unique blend of soft florals, combined with amber, vanilla, and precious woods." Now, I'm not exactly sure what "precious woods" are, but I'm assuming that this is a pretty safe, floral scent with a hint of musk. I'd have to try it out, but again, like most perfumes this is completely a matter of taste. It's pretty high-priced, but Coach probably just wants to use their name wisely in the fragrance market. Plus, the little Coach box that this $75 (for 1.7 oz) perfume comes in is totally cute.

Then there's another not-so-token lipgloss. I'm fairly sure that this gloss doesn't come with any sort of long-wear properties or special scents, but that the $22 price tag is for the outside packaging. And hey, if you are a heavy gloss user and want to be able to whip out a Coach gloss to wow your girlfriends, then this is totally the product for you. The shades below are (from left to right) Gardenia, Hibiscus, and Heather. I'm definitely going to give some kudos to Coach for doing Gardenia, which looks like a pretty bright gold gloss to me. Then again, it could be totally sheer. And I'm not going to lie, Heather looks like the perfect everyday shade for me...

Coach definitely made a good decision by creating these two clip-on-your-bag style products. They go along with Coach bags perfectly, and are a pretty handy little thing to have. I love the idea of a clip-on solid perfume, perfect for touch-ups. I also think a little lipgloss container is a fun thing to have, though I myself prefer reapplying lipgloss from a tube, rather than a pot you have to dip your fingers into. If I were Coach, I would have created a solid perfume in the same cute little heart container that the lipgloss is in...I suppose you can't ever have everything you want :)

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