Wednesday, September 3, 2008

In The Navy

So Old Navy usually has some pretty good sales, but I almost always find that the items that are on sale are misleading and only available in sparse sizes, or that they're pretty dowdy and basic. But not now! Old Navy is having a pretty amazing sale, and I've scouted out a ton of items that you should pick up (a whole bunch of those striped cardigans are coming home with me, pronto!). Oh, and I put at tip at the end of the post, so you'll have to scan through it before you find out how to get yourself some free shipping (at least I think).

These cute little cardigans are $20 each, and they come with a lovely little ruffle detail. I tried on the light pink one at my local Old Navy, and I loved it, but I don't think I'd pay $20 for it (we're staying recessionably chic here!). I also think that if you can, you should try these on beforehand because they can be a teensy bit boxy.

However, I did notice that these bear quite a resemblance to one of my previous J. Crew loves, this ruffle cardigan. It's currently on sale for $49.99, so if you've been wanting a cardigan like that but can't bear to cash in the J. Crew prices, then you should definitely consider ordering one of the Old Navy cardis.

Can you believe that these cardigans are only $10?? I tried them on in-store, where they're going for $15, and they weren't made of horrendously cheap fabric or anything! They were a little thin, but I think that's what they're supposed to be like. They're not super-tight, so they're comfortably loose, with a hint of the boyfriend look, but if you want a full-out boyfriend cardigan you can always size up. I personally love the ones with really thick stripes, but with this many choices there's bound to be one that appeals to everyone.

These bangles are a pretty basic buy, but they're only $5.50 each and highly resemble their much more expensive (along the lines of $20) counterparts at J. Crew. Plus, they come in colours like that adorable baby pink which aren't found at many places.

And a little tip for getting free shipping? Stick something from Piperlime in your order, which gives you free shipping, and then return it (it's also free!). I haven't tried this, so I don't know if they charge you for shipping after you return the Piperlime thing, but I'll probably be giving it a shot soon so I'll let you all know what happens.

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