Sunday, September 14, 2008

Slithering Style

A long, long time ago, while I was browsing, I came across a "Style This" challenge based on a scenario where you're having drinks with your ex. The "this" that Fabsugar wanted us to style was an incredible serpent ring, from Boucheron. Unfortunately, it also had an "incredible" price of $2,180.

For a while now, that snake ring has been stuck in the back of my head. I love jewelry with little details that make people take a second glance, and this is a perfect way to add a little bite to an otherwise cutesy outfit. So, you can imagine my pleasant surprise when I happened upon this little treasure at Urban Outfitters for only $16.00.

I'll let you guys know how it looks...I'm buying it in gold, personally, because it resembles the Boucheron ring the most. I loved the Urban ring at first glance, but now that I'm writing this post I realize that it doesn't quite have the same fierceness of the Boucheron ring. But hey, such are the perils of being recessionably chic...I'm still going to love that Urban ring with all my heart.

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