Saturday, June 28, 2008

A $16 Indulgence

Okay, so I promised that there would at least be a few beauty posts here's my first foray, even though it's more of a bath and body post than a beauty post. But there are lots and lots of lovely beauty sales going on everywhere, so be on the lookout for more beauty goodies.

After browsing more than my fair share of beauty blogs, I found out that Sephora has a lovely sale section, found by typing "sale" in the search box at the top. Being the coffee-scent-lover (not so much coffee-lover) that I am, I tried out two of the Sephora Indulgences in Coffee and Cream: the body wash and the body butter (note: these pictures are of the Coconut Body Wash and Pink Grapefruit Body Butter because the pictures of the Coffee and Cream varieties were unbelievably small).

I've got to say, I'm loving them both. They both have more of a vanilla frappuccino feel to me, which is all the better because coffee can be a little harsh. I was expecting to like the body butter more, just because I tend to get super-cheap body washes from the drugstore with the logic that it's essentially liquid soap and shouldn't be that expensive. But I actually liked this body wash quite a bit. I didn't have to use very much for my whole body, and the smell was much less harsh than the body butter. That said, I was a big fan of the body butter as well, because the scent did linger without me having to load it on. I would give these two products a big thumbs up...but be a little wary if you don't like the scent of coffee. For those of you that might be a little wary of the scent, I would suggest the Coconut Nectar body wash, especially for summer.

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