Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Glad-to-be-on-Sale Gladiators

It seems like everyone these days is purchasing their own pair of the latest fashion trend in summer shoes: gladiators. At stores like Forever 21, GoJane, and Wet Seal, it's typical to find gladiator sandals that will last you through the summer but may not be able to withstand much wear and tear. Here are a couple of pairs from the Piperlime Lime Tag Sale that may be slightly more expensive than your typical teen store find, but will last you longer (and won't give you uncomfortable blisters).

This first pair comes in gold, black, and white and is only $39.99. It's pretty classic as far as gladiator sandals go, and the thinner straps ensure that your feet won't look too heavy. It is summer, after all! There's a small, 1/2" heel, and it's available in most sizes.

The second pair comes in gold and silver, but gold is the only colour that is on sale. These sandals are for those who want to be more avant-garde with their gladiators, as the strap details are slightly different from most gladiators. These are also $39.99 and are from DV by Dolce Vita.

This last pair comes in bronze and silver, and it is only $32.99. This looks a little more rugged than the other pairs, as the front woven detail looks a bit like regular summer sandals. However, this is also the cheapest pair and would probably do you well if you were planning on doing some serious walking in your gladiators.

I'll post later on the teen store bargain finds, but let me know if you guys spot any other gladiators on sale!

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