Monday, June 16, 2008

Introducing: Miss Closet Chic

Hey guys! I’ll try to keep this intro short and sweet and get straight to the fashion...

I’m a teenager living in Chicago, IL who loves and adores all things related to fashion and beauty. Though I’m much more vested in my fashion life, you’ll definitely be able to find some beauty posts here.

At 5’2”, my love of flats usually gets me into a lot of trouble, but I’ve learned to accept some subtle wedges into my life and often break out the 4 inch heels for a night out. I’ll show you some outfits from my own collection, as well as giving you advice to build up your own.

My wardrobe is chock-full of sweet neutral pieces – especially dresses. I usually stick to a more subdued palette, and spice things up with a few statement pieces, but this blog isn’t all about me! I’ll be posting chic (and usually cheap) finds for all of you guys, as well as style notes of my own.

And the name? Well, my friends and family aren’t really aware of the fashion lover in me, and I’ve usually limited my fashion endeavors to extensive online shopping and blog-browsing. I’m slowly introducing it to my friends, but on the blogging network I’m coming out of my fashion closet and expressing all of my fashion love for you guys. Plus, “closet” chic seemed appropriate since I’ve always done most of my shopping for the general purpose of building the perfect closet.

Okay, okay, that’s enough ranting. I’ll put up my first blog post shortly!

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