Monday, June 16, 2008

Violet + Verde

As I mentioned, one of my favourite hobbies prior to blogging was online shopping. Yesterday, I came upon this loud-yet-cute-and-wearable Felix Rey clutch while perusing the ever-fascinating Shopbop sale section.

The first thing that came to my mind was a coat my friend’s mother used to have; it was made of medium-green wool, with a bright purple silk lining similar to the colour of this bag. So, I decided to create two outfits inspired by that coat.

The more adventurous could pair it with crisp green pants like these:

a classic navy jacket like this:

and a pair of taupe ballet flats like these:

Fore the more reserved (and this outfit is definitely more up my alley), a simple pair of dark skinny jeans like these:

could go well with a cute green cardigan like this:

and some unbelievably cute flats that are well out of my price range:

What would you pair the Felix Rey clutch with?

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