Monday, June 30, 2008

Fanciful Footwear from Net-A-Porter

When I buy designer shoes, I always try to go for shoes that stand out and that require a second glance, but at the same time go with many things and will not go out of style in the next two hours. So, if you guys are looking for some footwear of your own that satisfies these criteria I'd suggest you take a look at the Net-A-Porter shoe sales. It might be out of a lot of peoples' budgets, and a lot of shoes are only available in one or two sizes, but the "thrill of the hunt" is a lot of fun for me...and so very rewarding when I find a pair of lovely designer shoes to adorn my feet.

I know Juicy Couture doesn't really qualify as "designer," but they've come out with some pretty cute things lately. Usually, if you go for things like shift dresses and stay away from things that...are made of velour, you should be okay. These lovely little bow flats go with lots of things, and they're pretty and girly enough to be worn in spring. Plus, they're on sale for $105.

I am in absolute love with these Burberry flats -- the colour is gorgeous, the stud details are cool without being crazy, and it's on sale! Too bad most of the world agreed, since these are only available in sizes 9.5 and 10. But if you happen to be one of those sized I would go straight over to Net-A-Porter and snap these lovelies up, because it's a piece of Burberry for only $197.50.

This pair of shoes highlights what I said earlier about a pair of designer shoes that is wearable and not too crazy, but still merits a second look. These Miu Miu heels might not be that wearable, but come on...they're gorgeous. And they're only $197.50! What more could you ask for.

These pink Fendi flats are kind of like a more subtle Tory Burch flat. I'm not going to lie, I don't mind a little bit of labeling as long as it's not over the top. I like these because they have a little Fendi logo that's visible, but they're also a lovely pair of pink flats that would add some instant spring into a beige-y wardrobe like mine. They're a little bit pricier, at $220.50, but still not bad for Fendi.

Finally, I'm sure you all have seen these Marc by Marc Jacobs mouse flats somewhere, but I'm featuring them anyway. Why? Well, because these flats are the epitome of what I said earlier about what I look for in a pair of designer shoes. They're flats in grey and black, so that makes them very wearable. They're Marc by Marc Jacobs, which is the holy grail of cute flats. And, the adorable mouse detailing isn't crazy but it definitely merits a second glance. And yeah, I guess $227.50 isn't that momentous a sale, but if you're into cute flats these shoes could very well be worth it.

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