Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Be Like Blair

Though many may find it difficult to pick between the equally gorgeous styles of Blair Waldorf and Serena van der Woodsen from Gossip Girl, I personally find it much easier to take style tips from Blair, just because Serena's style often requires long, skinny legs like hers (which sadly, not all of us are blessed with). I am about 5'2", so pulling off some of those shift dresses isn't exactly easy. Though Blair's style is pretty extreme, I like getting inspiration from her outfits rather than attempting to pull off an entire one. So, while browsing the Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale today, I came across a large number of pieces that I thought would be fit for Blair Waldorf herself (not counting the price tag, of course).

I'll start off with one of the more simple ones, a beige puff sleeve dress. This neutral colour would be flattering on many different skintones, and leaves the way for a fun pair of flats or heels, depending on the occasion. But the fitted silhouette, puffed sleeves, and bow detail are all Blair. The $68.90 sale price? Not so much.

This short-sleeved white shift dress could be styled in many different ways, and may not seem to scream "Blair!" at first, but I found a couple of accessories that might bring it more into Waldorf territory. It's on sale for $68.90.

For a Blair Waldorf-approved look, I would pair this dress with a pair of red bow pumps ($29.99 at Piperlime) and a red bow headband ($2.80 at Forever 21)

This red, structured dress with bows on the sleeves is so Blair Waldorf that the Nordstrom model is even styled in a Blair Waldorf sort of way. The high bun, the pink lipstick...though I imagine if it was Blair she'd have a bit more blusher on, just to push the whole "innocent doll" look. It's on sale for $165.90, which isn't too bad for a nice evening dress that makes you stand out from the crowd (high bun and bright lipstick not required).

Finally, this black ruffled trench coat (which is a steal at $26.90) is a great way to add some girlie to a basic, everyday piece. A trench like this can be used in the fall or the spring, because the ruffled soften what would be a harsh piece. Plus, we all know Blair loves her belts and this trench sports its own. Unfortunately, it's only available in Medium, but if that's your size I would grab this ASAP.

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