Thursday, July 10, 2008

Etsy Finds No. 5: MoonFaces

Okay, okay, I promise this time I won't be featuring cute little plastic stud earrings. Well, sort of. The Etsy seller MoonFaces has a more diverse shop than many of the ones I've looked at, including a selection of her own kitschy cute stud earrings. The items I've featured are just a few of the pieces in the store, and even though two of the items below are the usual cute little plastic earrings that I've featured before, the special thing about this shop is that there is a pair of dangly earrings that caught my eye. Not that there's anything wrong with a plethora of cute plastic stud earrings. But there are two pairs of earrings, one stud and one dangly, that really caught my eye. They're the hourglass pairs, and even though I can't use them to keep time I think that they're a fun and interesting detail for a pair of earrings. Also, even though these posts are mainly about earrings I wanted to include the angel ring just because it looks like something you'd find at a thrift store. I love the antique look, and I love that it's not loud or crazy but that it still adds a nice touch to any outfit.

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