Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Marc, Two Ways with Outerwear

For those of you that are still into large day clutches, you might want to check out this little gem at Bergdorf Goodman.

It's on sale for $195, and it was originally $260! I would buy this in an instant if I wasn't already over-budget with clothes/accessories/beauty (all of the new MAC collections are so tempting!), because it's completely my style. I love the colour, because it goes with everything and because it isn't specific to any season. And come on...it's Marc Jacobs! For me it's been pretty hard to find something from the Marc Jacobs line (as opposed to the Marc by Marc Jacobs line) that's even within my price range. But alas...my credit card isn't exactly welcome to a $195 dent at the moment, so I decided to style two outfits for you guys using this clutch.

The first one is meant for a young, yuppie lady who's fairly well-off and is meeting her girlfriends for lunch. She wants to look put-together, but not like she's put much effort into what she's wearing. First of all, my entire palette for this outfit would be neutrals. Wearing lighter-coloured neutrals ensures that nothing will be clashing and that you will look polished. Plus, because the palette isn't beiges and browns, there's no risk of "muddying up" your clothing palette. I would start off this outfit with a classic trench, styled exactly the way the model has it with the belt tied rather than buckled. What's underneath doesn't matter, as long as it's some sort of sheath that doesn't really show through, which makes the trench a little sexier. I would add a pair of beige heels, like the ones below. What I love about these is that they add a touch of youth and edge to the outfit, and set this young yuppie lady apart from all of the other trench-wearing young yuppie ladies out there. Did I mention they were on sale? I would wear this outfit with loose, Serena van der Woodsen-esque waves.

You can get the trench from Nordstrom for $84.90 here, and you can get the heels from Shopbop for $112.80 here.

The other look is on the other spectrum as far as young yuppie ladies go. This one is meant for a more trendy, fashionista-type girl, who wants to look as polished and perfect as she can without going too over-the-top. While I was browsing Shopbop's sales, I came across a fabulous cape from Thayer which is a great alternative to typical outerwear. The neutral beige colour keeps it from being over-the-top, but this cape is perfect for our Blair Waldorf wannabe. I would pair it with a coloured shift dress, like the green and pink ones I've shown, for a simple pop of colour. Finally, I would top the whole outfit off with these great ankle boots from Piperlime. They're very Whitney Port, and border the line between edgy and girlie.

You can get the cape from Shopbop for $338.80 here, the green dress from Nordstrom for $183.90 here, the pink dress from Nordstrom for $165.90 here, and the ankle boots from Piperlime for $44.99 here.

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