Friday, July 25, 2008

Is the Kooba a Keeper?

I'm sure that many of you guys have seen this little thing wandering around Saks/Neiman Marcus/Bergdorfs in the "Small Accessories" section. And yet, here at Bag Borrow or Steal, this little zipper pouch is being shown as a small evening bag.

I've always wondered to myself, being the bargainist that I am, whether it's acceptable to use zipper-pouch styled designer bags as evening bags or clutches. Many of them have designer labels sprawled all over them, and are often many times cheaper than their very similar wallet counterparts. And yet, every time I look at "cosmetics cases" or "zipper pouches," there's something in their structure that gives them away. And while it wouldn't be too hard to add a classy handle to turn them into wristlets, there's just something in me that says that I should spend the extra $40 or whatever it is for the actual clutch/wristlet.

This Kooba bag caught my eye not because it's something I would want, but because it just doesn't look right. It's almost like it belongs with all the rest of the "leather pouches," which are essentially pencil cases made out of leather with a label snapped onto them. But maybe I'm just going crazy, because many people loved this little Kooba goodie. But this made me take notice of companies and their clever marketing...not a single brand has made a cosmetic case that would look okay as a day clutch. Maybe it's insurance against people who would buy them and pass them off as me.

What do you guys it bargain chic to use cosmetic cases as purses? Or is it just plain cheap?

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