Thursday, July 17, 2008

Blair Bands? Go Ask Alice.

Though this is kind of the "calm before the storm" in terms of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (so excited!), I was browsing the Handbags and Accessories section of Nordstrom's normal sale section and I found these two headbands I wanted to feature. Neither of them is very typical, but they're great for adding some extra spice to an outfit if you're daring enough.

The first one is inspired by a lovely girl whose style has been featured much more than I thought it would on this blog. Blair Waldorf of Gossip Girl is notorious for her headbands, and I found this one from Tasha that's on sale for $44.90. The rich satin and the large rosette just screams "society princess."

Speaking of society princesses, do you remember Princess Beatrice's famous Alexander McQueen...thing...that she wore to the wedding of Peter Phillips and Autumn Kelly? I don't know whether it's a bonnet or a headpiece but it sure was memorable. I was really not a fan myself, but that's just because my personal style isn't particularly ostentatious. I suppose it's slightly unfair to criticize her, though, because it's hard to tell what you can do to be stylish if you're bound by fashion restrictions of royalty. Personally, if I had to go for a prim and proper look I'd steal my cape outfit in my previous blog post and add the "Blair Waldorf" headband from above for some extra pizzazz. But again, if the only way to think out of the box style-wise is incorporating a crazy headdress, then by all means Princess B, go for it.

Getting back to our mortal world where we rock items from Nordstrom instead of from Alexander McQueen...sigh...right next to the "Blair band" was another headband that instantaneously put a picture of Princess Beatrice in my head. You can think of this as the "tamer" version of her headpiece, which one might actually to be able to wear outside! Well, the more daring out of us. Someone might exclaim that a butterfly just landed on your head, but if that's your thing then I would definitely suggest this headband, also from Tasha, for only $27.90.

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