Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Etsylicious Fashion

I've always wanted to be able to purchase clothes from places like Etsy and Ebay, which are kind of like the online equivalent to browsing out-of-the-way boutiques, yard sales, and thrift stores. Unfortunately, I often find myself wading through loads and loads of really awful clothing to try and find something that people would like. I'm not really sure what it is about clothes...but when I try and surf Ebay for cute bags, they always have a ton, but when I surf Ebay for cute clothes, the real gems are hidden beneath strange dresses that no one should ever be seen wearing. I suppose that's what makes it fun, sort of "the thrill of the chase."

In any case, I decided to show you guys two sellers I found while browsing Etsy's selection of clothes. Both sellers don't have highly stocked shops, but what they do have is quite lovely (and one of the stores even makes your clothes with custom sizes!)

The first seller doesn't specifically allow for custom sizing, but she does invite customers to "inquire" about it. The seller's name is aiguilleetfil (try saying that 5 times fast), and she's got quite a few frocks, each with its own interesting detail. I featured two dresses that seemed to be on opposite ends of the spectrum as far as her structures go. The grey parachute one ($90.00) looks much more expensive than it is, and the gold and blue one ($100.00) has a really interesting front detail that's perfect for hiding any unpleasant parts.

The second seller doesn't have much in her shop besides these two pieces, but in my opinion that makes them even more unique! The first piece is what seller kimenna calls a "Kimono Top," which I think is really fascinating. You can see a hint of Asian styling, but the different fabrics used and the button details really set this top apart (it's $72.00). This next piece...well, I kind of want it for myself! It's a dark blue denim dress, which sounds awful at first. But the denim is more of a faded, greyish denim colour, and from the pictures it appears to be quite light. I love the pleating detail, and I love that this is so wearable (it's also $72.00).

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