Thursday, July 10, 2008

Charming Cameos

To round out my Etsy posts, I wanted to feature a specific product rather than a seller. I thought about this post with blogger Modern Marie in mind, because the product I'm featuring is cameo earrings. To me, cameo earrings evoke visions of Victorian details, antique shops, and refurbished vintage pieces. With my style, I tend to stick to mini versions of cameo earrings, but I've seen people rock the ear-stretching, huge ones typically left to women over the age of 60. So, in honor of my search for small cameo earrings, here are a few finds from Etsy:

Seller nakedtile offers plain cameo earrings in blue, black, and coral for $3.00 each.

Seller luluandtrixie offers plain cameo earrings, also in blue, black, and coral, for $5.00 each.

Seller BenAndOliver offers plain cameo earrings, in coral and black, for $5.50 each.

Seller amylynnbuttchin (love the name!) offers cameo earrings in small, medium, and large in lavender, blue, green, coral, and black. Small earrings are $2.50, medium earrings are $3.00, and large earrings are $4.00.

Seller jinnyscloset offers cameo earrings with silver borders in coral and blue, for $3.25 each:

Finally, as an homage to the "recession" in "recessionably chic," seller smittenjewelry offers plain cameo earrings in black and blue for $1.50. If you want to get really crafty, she also offers sets of 8 cameos (which you would have to glue onto earring backs) for $1.00

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