Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A Junior Out to Lunch

Usually when people think of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, they think of fabulously expensive designer pieces that have been brought down to a mortal price range. When I think of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, I think of relatively reasonable sale pieces going down to ridiculously small sale prices.

An example of one of those pieces would be this cute little black top, found in the B.P. Juniors section. I'll post on some other good finds from the Juniors section (and how they don't have to be worn by juniors) later, but for now, these next few pieces are going to be mainly for younger people. I love the ruffle detail at the bottom, and how the top plays with texture rather than colour.

This top is only $31.90, so I challenged myself to make a cute, casual, out-to-lunch outfit where each additional piece did not exceed the price of the top. Here are the results:

Outfit pieces: jeans ($25.90), bracelet ($12.95), earrings ($7.50), purse ($5.49), shoes ($6.24).

It's probably really hard to see everything, and I apologize for that, but I don't know how I can post larger images on Blogger. Can anyone help? Anyway, concerning the outfit, I tried to steer myself away from the Nordstrom sale and move into some other cheaply chic shops. The jeans are from the Nordstrom sale, but all other accessories reflect other teenage-y stores that have great bargains. I personally am in love with the leather bracelet and the bow moccasin-flat mix, because they're cute, but they also lend a very earthy-girly vibe to the outfit.

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